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40 years of experience in Southern California 

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Areas of Expertise


Lee Segal has over 10 Years of Commercial/Industrial Real Estate Litigation Expert Witness experience. He has consulted on over 60 litigation cases in:

  • Brokerage disputes

  • Breach of contract

  • Contract interpretation

  • Partnership disputes

  • Mitigation of damages

  • Environmental issues

  • Landlord/tenant

  • Property management

  • Lease interpretation

  • Fiduciary responsibilities

Mr. Segal’s communication skills help convey the complexities of commercial real estate to a judge or jury in a way a skilled teacher teaches math to a student.  Attorneys, judges, and juries learn complex details easily from the commercial real estate veteran. 

Brokerage Services

Lee Segal has leased or sold more than 30 million square feet of office, industrial, and commercial real estate in California. Brokerage Services include:

  • Qualifying needs for industrial and commercial real estate space.

  • Handling zoning issues.

  • Determining industrial and commercial real estate market rates on price per square foot and tenant allowances.

  • Working with or referring the right professionals (attorneys, inspectors, etc.).

  • Facilitating negotiations from the onset of a deal through the signing of an industrial and commercial real estate lease or purchase contract.

Through Mr. Segal's comprehensive approach and in-depth industrial and commercial real estate industry expertise, he generates fast turnarounds in the commercial and industrial real estate business in California.

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Lee Segal is President of Segal Commercial Inc, a full service commercial real estate firm. He is an Experienced Commercial Real Estate Litigation Expert Witness.


Lee S. Segal is a recognized commercial and industrial real estate industry leader in Los Angeles. With over 40 years of experience in:

  • Brokerage
  • Property management

  • Development

  • Investments

  • Environmental oversight

  • Project management

  • Consulting

Mr. Segal sold 6 commercial buildings on 6 Acres in El Segundo for $32,500,000 representing the seller in 2019​. He has formed over 20 partnerships in the development & acquisition of commercial real estate.  Lee Segal is also former President of AIR CRE, the American Industrial/Commercial Real Estate Association.  

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40 years

Over four decades of experience 

30 million 

Square feet leased and sold over of commercial property including:
Industrial, Retail shopping centers and office space

3 million

Number of square feet developed in Commercial Property



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