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couple who bought a commercial real estate before the rent increase in california

Industrial Real Estate Posting Significant Gains

On March 20, 2022, the news program “60 Minutes” presented a segment on considerable increases in the rental of single-family homes. The program further pointed out that residential real estate rents increased by 10-50% increase from last year due to a lack of inventory. Fortunately, Los Angeles had a 10% increase in rents, which is … Read More

Real estate expert witness reviewing changes to a commercial lease agreement

What Lease Provisions Might a Tenant Expect in a Tight Real Estate Market – Tips to Landlords and Tenants

Rights of Cancellation In the event that a tenant finds himself in a position of needing to sublease the premises, the landlord may exercise the right of termination to regain possession of the premises. This provision is most commonly used when a tenant is successful in subleasing the premises, and the landlord makes a demand … Read More

landlord and tenant signing a new commercial lease discussing their relationship

Are There Pitfalls of a Tenant Landlord Relationship?

Relationships between landlords and tenants should be professional but also clearly defined. Both parties have expectations that they need to live up to, but when lines are blurred, expectations and duties can become problematic. Friendships between landlords and tenants can seem beneficial but often lead to communication problems. Selection of a Tenant Once the landlord … Read More

Recommended Security Measures

For Commercial Properties (Industrial, shopping centers) Commercial leasing in a shopping center or an industrial center needs serious security and maintenance measures in order to be successful. A shopping center that has graffiti and bars on the windows is a major distraction for successful leasing. On the other hand, an industrial building that has high … Read More

Business woman hand hold pen fill in the details on the tax forms paper prop 13

Proposed Income Tax Changes The Damage on Real Estate and the Economy

April of 2021, the Biden administration has introduced several tax laws that can dramatically impact the real estate business. The reason behind these tax changes is to make up for the devasting effects of the pandemic. The money is needed to fund the “American Jobs Plan” and infrastructure. These trillions of dollars have to be … Read More

The Secret Weapons of a Commercial Real Estate Expert Witness

Are you a lawyer involved with a complex real estate litigation case? If yes, you’re in the right place. Let’s presume your adversary in the case is a party in a real estate transaction such as a: broker, agent, individual, partner, or property manager. The adversary files a complaint against your client, but you need … Read More

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