2016 Lease Provisions

Since there has been a significant shift from traditional office space to “creative” office space, there are few modifications that must be inserted within the lease to accommodate this new trend. The following provisions should be considered:

  1. HVAC Systems-many creative users think of their space as a second home, therefore, the HVAC systems must be available 24/7. If your client is in a multi-floor office building it is incumbent upon you to negotiate after hours HVAC prior to lease signing.
  2. Pet friendly-this provision must be added.
  3. Alcohol on Premises-Beer and wine should be allowed on the premises.
  4. Showers-many tenants are requesting these facilities since employees are working evenings and weekends. This provision should be added and to the lease. Provided the building is single story the tenant should be able to install the shower facilities at their sole cost and expense with the approval of the landlord.
  5. Bike Racks/Charging Stations-The landlord should provide bike racks and charging stations for electric vehicles.
  6. Satellite or Cable TV-These are necessary requirements and the tenant should have the right to install these systems. Satellite installations may be placed on the exterior of the building or on the roof. Most landlords do not want anything installed on the roof so permission should be granted prior to the execution of the lease.
  7. Fiber Optic-Many tenants are requesting it, so under a long term lease, a tenant should have the right to install it.

These provisions are the most common in lease negotiations at this time. This evolution of creative office space is changing the landscape of the way people do business. Be prepared!

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