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The Secret Weapons of a Commercial Real Estate Expert Witness

Are you a lawyer involved with a complex real estate litigation case? If yes, you’re in the right place. Let’s presume your adversary in the case is a party in a real estate transaction such as a: broker, agent, individual, partner, or property manager. The adversary files a complaint against your client, but you need … Read More

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Commercial Subleasing Obstacles During a Pandemic

Subleasing is always a risky situation but during a pandemic, the new tenant and the existing tenant must be even more careful. Listed below are good tips on the way the parties may protect themselves: Make sure the Subtenant pays its rent directly to the landlord. The new tenant should not count on the Sublessor … Read More

Lawyers Advise Clients The Consequences of Proposition 15

Lawyers have a duty to advise their clients of pending changes in the law. Of course, not every tenant (client) is currently doing business with their trusted lawyer. Therefore, a smart lawyer should probably send out a notice to past and present clients of a proposed tax change that may have dire effects on the … Read More

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Proposition 15 V. Proposition 13 Vote No on Proposition 15

Proposition 15 on the voter ballot this November 3, “The California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2020” is a proposition to increase taxes to current property values only on commercial and industrial properties. This will undo a major component of the landmark 1978 Proposition 13 if it passes by creating a split tax … Read More

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Proposition 15- At The Worst Time

Proposition 15, if enacted, will raise taxes on all commercial properties. This proposed increase in taxes should have adverse effects on property owners and its tenants. Several businesses have been closed due to the international pandemic. How can the government raise taxes on properties when those properties are closed by the law. Rents are still … Read More

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Proposition 15 Will Reduce The Value of Your Property

On November 3, 2020 the most significant Proposition to happen since Proposition 13 was enacted in 1976 is up for the vote. This Proposition 15 will reassess your property to current market value and not the value of the property when you purchased it under Proposition 13. A great example of this illustration is that … Read More

Industrial Warehouse Space Leased by Segal Commercial

Commercial Real Estate Scarcity of Warehouse Space Demands New Negotiating Skills

Seasoned agents in the commercial real estate brokerage community are now discovering what the residential real estate community has been experiencing for a decade; how to cope in a market with a shortage of warehouse properties available for sale or lease?In some communities in Southern California inventory of vacant warehouse properties is almost nonexistent. No … Read More

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Segal Commercial Properties Announces Major Transaction

El Segundo, CA – October 25, 2019 – Segal Commercial Properties, Inc. has closed a six-acre research & development sales transaction in El Segundo with Smoky Hollow Industries, LLC and LIMO Company, LP. The Research & Development campus called Standard Works is located at 1301-1475 E. El Segundo Blvd. in the Smoky Hollow District. The … Read More

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Commercial Real Estate Commisions Are Negotiable

Commercial real estate commissions are negotiable between the agent and the principal. Commercial Real Estate negotiations have many aspects that need to be explored by both parties prior to the agreement of a contract. Important Issues that Should be Discussed and Investigated by the Owner in a Lease or Sale Negotiation: Market Conditions Custom and … Read More

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