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Leasing The Commercially Zoned Land Could Be A Great Opportunity

With little vacant land left in Los Angeles County land leases are a viable option for owners; as a result, lawyers are busy working on contracts with the legalities of commercial land leases. Land leases are two separate assets with two separate owners. The owner of the land and the owner of the building. Land … Read More


Alternatives For A 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

Many of our Segal Commercial clients own commercial income producing properties. These properties include but are not limited to shopping centers, industrial, office buildings and free standing retail properties. A good sound commercial income producing property with positive cash flow is a difficult asset to replace. Positive cash flow is the crown jewel of owning … Read More

Government Controls Over Property Rental Rates

On November 6, 2018 voters went to the polls, and Proposition 10 was defeated which keeps the current laws effecting residential rental rates to remain somewhat constant. The City of Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance protects tenants from excessive rent increases on multi-family apartments built before1979. However, it lets landlords increase the rents every year … Read More

Industrial Real Estate Shortage

The lease length of typical industrial real estate buildings was an average of five years in Los Angeles County in the past. However, today it is common to have a three year lease. As a result, the property owner can take advantage of rapidly rising lease rates with a shorter lease term. Frequently, the lease … Read More

Craetive Office No Panacea For Landlords

There is so much information in the news regarding the major tech companies leasing large quantities of creative office and Research & Development (R&D) space. However, what we don’t hear about is all the creative office space available. For example there are many large beautiful creative office space buildings that are sitting empty in Santa … Read More

The City of EL Segundo is Finalizing The Smoky Hollow Specific Plan

Smoky Hollow Historical District is a light industrial area on a120 acres located one mile East of Dockweiler Beach. The major streets surrounding the 329 mid-century industrial buildings and office buildings are Sepulveda Boulevard, El Segundo Boulevard and Main Street. Residential property is located on the North side. The City of El Segundo announced they … Read More

Rising Interest Rates Worry Commercial Real Estate Investors

The Federal Reserve Bank raised interest rates for the first time this year by a quarter of a percentage point on March 21st. If the Feds raise interest rates too aggressively in the next two years, the commercial real estate industry could stagnate. The higher the interest rates in commercial real estate, the deeper the … Read More

Effective Essentials of Subleasing Commercial Real Estate

Almost all preprinted commercial real estate lease forms in the state of California provide the tenant the ability to sublease the premises with the landlord’s prior written consent. The landlord cannot unreasonably withhold the consent to sublease. However, there are legitimate reasons to withhold consent for example change of use of the premises, financial ability … Read More

The Commercial Real Estate Lease

A Lessor’s Perspective on the Option to Renew The option to renew a lease in a commercial real estate contract provides the tenant the right to continue leasing the property for extended periods of time. This promise of continued occupancy has continued for many centuries; however, a landlord has no obligation to grant an option … Read More

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