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Earthquake Damaged Rock

Earthquake Insurance For The Commercial Real Estate Owner

The recent 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Iran on Sunday, November 12th was tragic. Pasadena based Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) predicted a 99.9 % chance of a 5.0- magnitude or higher earthquake in Los Angeles by April 2018, according to a Los Angeles Times article dated October 22, 2015. The commercial real estate owner usually carries … Read More

Tenants Concerns Prior to Signing A Lease Material Disclosures

A tenant should always perform his or her due diligence in gathering the facts on any material defects seen or unseen in a building they plan to lease. The facts may not be disclosed by the owner’s broker or by the owner. The concealment of material facts may cause further serious damage to the property … Read More

Real Estate Agent Speaking with New Clients

Landlords Recommended Role to Mitigate Damages For Leases

Once a 3-day notice to pay or quit that is for past due rent is served to a tenant, the landlord may anticipate a vacancy. In some cases the default of the lease is corrected and the lease goes on. However, the vacancy will most likely be imminent if the tenant does not answer the … Read More

AIR CR Contracts User Manual Mockup

AIR Rebrands Itself to AIR CRE

AIR Commercial Real Estate Association has rebranded itself after 57 years in business. The member-owned platform now branded AIR CRE provides commercial real estate professionals in Southern California with the critical tools they need to be successful. Their members have access to a system of market research, listings services, contracts and legal resources, networking and … Read More

Business People working on Contract

The Timing For The Industrial Effective Breach of Contract is Now!

The industrial real estate industry is on fire with no signs of slowing down. The vacancy rates in Los Angeles are in the low single digits with high rental rates. This is due partly to the shift from retail to ecommerce and the demand for warehouse space. As a result, breach of lease litigation cases … Read More

Building in Black and White

Industrial Real Estate Rental Rates Remain High In 2017

Industrial and warehouse rental rates increased over 33 percent in 2016 compared to 2014 in Los Angeles. These high rental rates will maintain at current levels or increase in 2017, a consequence of low industrial construction development in 2016 and the continuing trend of industrial to creative office conversion. Bulk warehouse construction occurred in the … Read More

Money in Glass Jar

Commercial Real Estate Property Tax Increase From Proposition HHH

Los Angeles City commercial real estate property owners will feel a small bump in property taxes as a result of Proposition HHH passing in the election on November 8, 2016. A .01 percent increase on all taxable properties in the city of Los Angeles will be added on top of the property owner’s annual property … Read More

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