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Will The Next Administration End The Dodd-Frank Act In 2017?

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act signed into federal law in 2010 by President Obama passed as a response to the recession of 2008. It brought the most significant changes to financial regulation in the United States changing almost all federal financial regulatory agencies. Dodd-Frank was created to protect consumers and prevent … Read More

Are The Brick And Mortar Retail Stores A Thing Of The Past?

E-commerce and the high cost of real estate are hitting the brick and mortar retail industry hard this year with several retail chains like Sport Chalet and Sports Authority closing its doors. In addition, Macy’s announced it is closing 100 stores out of 728 Full-line stores. The high value of commercial real estate is increasing … Read More

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Last Minute Designation of An Expert Witness

An Expert Witness who receives a phone call on a Wednesday morning from an attorney for a designation of an Expert Witness by the following Friday is a common occurrence. It is dangerous for an attorney to make a last minute expert designation, because the Expert Witness he chooses may not be a good fit … Read More

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Property Management Tips for Commercial Real Estate Owners

The following is a list for commercial real estate property owners to help safeguard their commercial rental property investments. It is recommended that a property owner consider employing an accountant to collect rents, common area fees, real estate taxes and insurance. This keeps the money out of the hands of the property manager, and it … Read More

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Security Deposits Required in A Low Vacancy Market

Security deposits for a commercial or industrial real estate building are normally required upon the signing of a lease. There is no magic on the amount of the security deposit; however, it has to do with multiples of the rent generally. For instance, if the rent is $10,000 per month, the security deposit may also … Read More

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How to Find a Qualified Expert Witness

Most attorneys ask colleagues for commercial real estate expert referrals that they may have used in the past; however, the expert referral may not be the right one for the current case. It is recommended that an attorney utilize a combination of ways to search out an expert. An attorney can narrow down a search … Read More

An Overpriced Market May Lead to Litigation

It appears the Los Angeles commercial real estate market has reached a plateau of price increases in the industrial and commercial sectors. Property investors seem to be reluctant to pay higher prices for buildings. The vacancy level in the Southern California market is approaching 2% in industrial space. In addition, office space vacancies are in … Read More

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Environmental Advice to Buyers and Tenants

Commercial real estate buyers should be aware of potential environmental contamination before they purchase an industrial building. Environmental contamination may exist in an industrial or commercial building without the knowledge of the owners or tenants. The signs of contamination are difficult to see with the naked eye; as a result, a potential buyer of a … Read More

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Title Reports Should be Obtained Every Few Years

An owner of commercial real estate usually obtains a title report when he or she is purchasing a property or refinancing it. However, an owner should be aware that an easement or lien may have been placed on the property without his or her knowledge in the absence of obtaining a title report. A lien … Read More

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