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2016 Lease Provisions

Since there has been a significant shift from traditional office space to “creative” office space, there are few modifications that must be inserted within the lease to accommodate this new trend. The following provisions should be considered: HVAC Systems-many creative users think of their space as a second home, therefore, the HVAC systems must be … Read More

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The Pros and Cons of Commercial Real Estate Investing Through Crowdfunding

Technology today allows one to stay home and never leave. We can work from home, pay bills, purchase groceries, clothes, cars, homes and even commercial real estate now with our cell phones without leaving the confines of our comfortable house or car. Online crowdfunding, such as allows investors to invest in commercial real estate … Read More

Marijuana Farm Indoors

Why Would You Lease to A Marijuana Grower?

Industrial real estate owners will be liable and could be prosecuted for leasing to merchants growing and selling pot on their property even if California voters pass a law to legalize the drug in 2016. Landlords may lose their property in a federal civil asset forfeiture action. The federal government can seize property being used … Read More

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Los Angeles City Council to Vote on Seismic Retrofit Mandates October 9, 2015

Los Angeles commercial real estate owners of non-ductile buildings may receive a notice in 2016 to comply with seismic retrofit mandates imposed by the Department of Building and Safety if the city council passes the ordinance on October 9, 2015. Non-ductile buildings are hard to determine according to Catherine Nuezca Gaba, a Building Civil Engineer … Read More

The Impact El Nino May Have on Commercial Real Estate

September 15, 2015 was the second wettest day of rainfall since 1877 in Los Angeles County on record. Weather experts are forecasting El Nino conditions may create rain storms of cats and dogs in Los Angeles. Flooding rains are expected to peak from October to January and could create damage to infrastructure. Experts warn this … Read More

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Lease Interpretation Drafting the Lease

Leases come in many different forms and varieties in the commercial real estate business. The gold standard form is the AIR Commercial Real Estate Association, a non-profit association of industrial and office real estate brokers and professionals. They have been producing commercial real estate forms for at least 45 years. Also, there are leases which … Read More

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Why Does Residential Real Estate Have an Effect on Commercial Real Estate?

The Residential Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate industry are so different, yet they affect each other in various ways. The following is a brief explanation of the impact that Residential Real Estate has over Commercial Real Estate. Interest Rates The impact is felt in the Commercial Real Estate market when interest rates change in … Read More

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Dangerous Mistakes Made by Real Estate Agents Drafting a Contract

A common mistake made by a real estate agent is to make modifications in drafting a lease or offer to purchase in order to close a deal. Even if the agent is using a form lease or purchase contract the temptation to draft language, apart from the form, can turn out to be detrimental to … Read More

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It’s an Industrial Real Estate Owners Market in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Industrial Real Estate market is vastly improving with a 46.9% increase in occupancy rates and rising rents compared to 1st quarter reports a year earlier. The greater Los Angeles area overall has the second lowest vacancy rate for Industrial space in the nation at 3.3% in the first quarter of 2015 compared … Read More

Partnership Disputes - People Shaking Hands

How to Possibly Avoid Partnership Distputes- The Fiduciary

One of the best ways to avoid disputes with other partners is to communicate clearly and often. In fact as a fiduciary, you have the duty to report/disclose when you are the managing general partner. I like the phrase, “care and feeding of your partners”. Partners need communications so that most surprises will be pleasant … Read More

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