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Large Buildings in City

Should I Sell or Lease My Old Commercial Building?

Holding a commercial real estate property for the long term is a strategically wiser investment compared to selling. Some industry professionals believe in selling and reinvesting in larger more recently constructed buildings; however, my experience has taught me to hold for the long term. A tenant recently gave notice to move after 14 years of … Read More

People Working on Real Estate Property Taxes

Real Estate Property Taxes “Tenants Beware”

As a tenant in a commercial property, you undoubtedly, have a provision in your lease regarding real estate taxes. On a triple net lease or even a gross lease (where the Landlord pays the taxes), the taxes increase usually every year due to Proposition 13 whereby the tax increase is 2% per annum. In most … Read More

Bight White Empty Creative Office Space

Creative Office Space/Cost Segregation

I was presented with a problem the other day for a conversion of an older industrial building to creative office space. The problem was complicated because of the costs to renovate a building today with the new Title 24 energy provisions increased the improvement costs substantially. Not only were the costs substantially higher but the … Read More

Creative Office Space in El Segundo

The Trend for Creative Office Space in El Segundo

The work environment is changing in California; as a result, commercial office space is changing In Los Angeles. Industrial buildings are being transformed into creative office space in small once obsolete pockets of beach cities like the historical area called Smoky Hollow in El Segundo. In 1911 when there were only farms around Standard Oil … Read More

Two businessmen having a meeting next to a window

Who to Employ as Your Expert: Lawyer V. Real Estate Professional

This is a serious debate among litigators. I have been in a number of court hearings and depositions where I have opposed expert witness lawyers. The lawyers who served as expert witnesses are very seasoned lawyers who made an excellent presentation with in depth understanding of the law that governs real estate. In commercial real … Read More

Businessmen in Suits Shaking Hands

Partnership Disputes “Commercial Real Estate” (FARE)

After spending decades in partnerships, both as a general partner and limited partner, there seems to be a pattern where disputes occur. The most common issue is that the partnership may be formed by a handshake and nothing is written between the parties with the exception of the deeds. My acronym for disputes is FARE! … Read More

Red For Lease Sign

Sublease or Release

A tenant may find they have outgrown the industrial/commercial real estate space during their course of leasing a building or business may have deteriorated. Therefore, they must relocate. I frequently counsel tenants on available options in the case where they must relocate. The ability for the Tenant to negotiate a release based upon the remaining … Read More

Business People Doing Due Diligence with Data in Charts

Due Dilegence 101 in Commercial Real Estate

As a 40 year veteran of commercial real estate I have been called the “Broker’s Broker”. This phrase was not accomplished by my longevity in the business but my years of selling, leasing and developing commercial real estate. Assume for a moment that one has employed a commercial real estate broker/agent who is backed up … Read More

Papers with layout plans for building

Legal Agreemenets Relating to Size of Property

Here is my recommendation to brokers when it comes to the insertion of the size of a property in a sale or lease from my experience of representing thousands of buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees. Brokers representing a lessee or a buyer should always place in the offer the address of the property and the … Read More

Bright White Modern Office Space

Has A Tenant Changed Their Use in The Building?

An attorney who represents an owner of a commercial building with a long term lease should always question the client to find out when they visited the property. If the tenant pays the rent on time and does not cause any obvious problems, most landlords do not take the time to visit the building. In … Read More

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