How To Leverage AIR CRE and Expert Witness Support in Commercial Real Estate

How To Leverage AIR CRE and Expert Witness Support in Commercial Real Estate

The commercial real estate industry is complex and often involves high-stakes transactions. To navigate this environment successfully, having the right tools and support at your disposal is essential. AIR CRE and expert witness support are powerful resources that can help you mitigate risks and achieve your goals. What Does AIR CRE Stand For? AIR CRE, … Read More

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Protecting Your Business During a Commercial Property Sale: A Guide for Tenants

If you are a business renting commercial space, few situations are more disruptive than having the landlord sell the property out from under you. Suddenly, your comfortable lease agreement and working relationship with the owner are thrown into question. Will the new buyer honor the existing lease? Do they plan to redevelop the property or … Read More

commercial real estate landlord fixing his relationship with a tenant


Commercial real estate partnership disputes are expected since the parties to the agreement may need to adhere to their partnership contract prepared by legal counsel. A seasoned expert witness, who has acted as a managing member in several partnerships, may provide valuable insight into the dos and don’ts of running the business. What are the … Read More

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Buying and Selling a Triple Net Leased Investment Out of State

The landlord is relieved of the responsibility to pay all expenditures indicated above, including property taxes, insurance premiums, utilities, maintenance, and repair charges, under a triple net lease, often known as a net-net-net or NNN lease. Rent and all expenses shall be the responsibility of the Tenant. Triple net leases are often long-term (ten years … Read More

landlord and tenant signing a new commercial lease discussing their relationship

Are There Pitfalls of a Tenant Landlord Relationship?

Relationships between landlords and tenants should be professional but also clearly defined. Both parties have expectations that they need to live up to, but when lines are blurred, expectations and duties can become problematic. Friendships between landlords and tenants can seem beneficial but often lead to communication problems. Selection of a Tenant Once the landlord … Read More

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