A real estate expert witness discussing complex real estate transaction history with his client.

Analyzing Complex Real Estate Transactions: The Role of Expert Witnesses

In the world of commercial real estate, deals can become extremely complex. They may involve multiple buyers, sellers, properties, loans from various lenders, and other intricate financial instruments. When disputes eventually arise from these complicated transactions, the courts often turn to real estate expert witnesses to provide clarity and simplification. The Role of A Real … Read More

Real estate expert witness reviewing changes to a commercial lease agreement

What Lease Provisions Might a Tenant Expect in a Tight Real Estate Market – Tips to Landlords and Tenants

Rights of Cancellation In the event that a tenant finds himself in a position of needing to sublease the premises, the landlord may exercise the right of termination to regain possession of the premises. This provision is most commonly used when a tenant is successful in subleasing the premises, and the landlord makes a demand … Read More

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