Why Lawyers’ Utilize Expert Witnesses

Save Money and Time in Resolving the Case

One question that lawyers get asked by their clients is, “how long will it take to resolve the matter”?

It is well known that the courts always seem to be backed up, and getting on the docket is a challenge. Therefore, it is the lawyer’s duty to get its paperwork in place quickly and move on to the next case. The speed and efficiency of the lawyer save the client valuable time in addition to the costs of litigation.

The role of the expert should work hand in hand in doing the research that the lawyer may not find easily or not at all. The expert should have access to transactions and availability of properties that the lawyer can only obtain through the cost of an appraiser. The expert’s experience in commercial real estate should enhance the lawyer’s capabilities since the expert practices his trade daily and must keep up to date with changes in the “business.”

Custom and Practice

It is the lawyer’s responsibility to interpret documents from a legal perspective and keep their clients out of trouble. The expert’s duty is to provide the lawyer with the way contracts work in the everyday practice of commercial real estate. Experts take the workings of leases and purchase contracts for granted since they must advise their clients daily what they should know when entering into a contract.


This is the lawyer’s fact-finding skills that provide information of what the opposing party actually is aware of in the case. 

The expert can provide the lawyer with essential questions that the lawyer may not have thought about in the case. If the expert is allowed to attend a deposition of an opposing expert or party, the expert can provide questions to be asked at the deposition that can expedite a favorable conclusion for the matter.

A Great Way to Intimidate the Opposing Counsel

When a lawyer designates an expert in a case, it shows the other side that lawyer will pull out all the stops in winning the case. Further, it shows that the client is willing to spend whatever is needed in winning. Is it intimidating to the other side? It should be. Contact Lee Segal today for an expert witness!

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