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Mitigation of Damages Expert Witness

What is a Mitigation of Damages Expert Witness?

This expert examines if parties of a lawsuit follow reasonable efforts to reduce or mitigate damages. An example of mitigation efforts, in a breach of lease, whereby the tenant stopped paying rent and was sued by the landlord. In this case, did the landlord do everything possible to demonstrate efforts to reduce the vacancy, which would reduce potential damages to the tenant?

Why Do You Need a Mitigation of Damages Expert Witness?

The expert witness knows how to reduce damages and determines if the parties used reasonable efforts. The expert utilizes “best practices” in the Commercial Real Estate Industry to obtain satisfactory results.

Contact Lee Segal as a Mitigation of Damages Expert Witness

In Lee Segal’s capacity as a commercial real estate expert witness regarding mitigation of damages, he provides opinions as to whether the commercial landlord acted in a manner to reduce the damages once the lease contract has been breached. The reduction of potential and actual damages is essential to his investigation and opinion. Contact Lee Segal for his Mitigation of Damages Expert Witness Services.

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Lee Segal is President of Segal Commercial Inc, a full-service commercial real estate firm. He is an Experienced Commercial Real Estate Litigation Expert Witness.

Lee S. Segal is a recognized commercial and industrial real estate industry leader in Los Angeles.

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