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Lee Segal with his in-depth strategic and tactical knowledge of commercial and industrial real estate has written extensively on the subject.  Find recent articles below:

This Week's LA Deal Sheet

LIMO Co. signed a venture with Smoky Hollow Industries to improve and redevelop six mid-century industrial buildings in the Smokey Hollow District into creative office space.

The Industrial-to-Creative Office Conversion

Converting a traditional industrial building to creative office space is a fantastic idea for landlords — as long as the location is right and parking is attainable. Industrial owners should consider the following issues before making their final decision:

Industrial Building
Poor Proposition to Raise Taxes in California

Two California senators, Loni Hancock and HollyMitchell, introduced a constitutional amendment June10 to change Proposition 13 for commercial real estate owners. This amendment may cause businesses to move out of state, job losses due to increased property taxes, and commercial and industrial real estate markets to return to recession levels or worse. The purpose of this amendment is to throw more money at our failing school systems and repair our ailing infrastructure. This is a terrible idea.

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Segal Commercial Properties leased 57k SF of industrial space in Carson

Segal Commercial Properties leased 57k SF of industrial space in Carson to an international company that manufactures adhesives, solvent cements, and plumbing and roofing items.

Empty Factory
Troubling Signs in Real Estate

California lawmakers must act to shore up commercial properties by boosting Hollywood production.

Changing The Landscape in El Segundo's Historical Smoky Hollow District

City of El Segundo pitching in to help industrial real estate owners in the Smoky Hollow District convert to creative office.

More Creative Office for El Segundo

One developer eager to take advantage of the boom in El Segundo (which we have told you about several times) is Lee Segal. He's managing general partner of LIMO Properties, which owns six industrial buildings totaling about 120k SF in the Smoky Hollow area, all of which are at El Segundo and Oregon.

Silicon Beach Coworking Spaces: A Fad Or New Trend?

Google opened an office in a famous building designed by the architect Frank Gehry in Los Angeles. Google Los Angeles is located in the Binocular Building on Main Street in Venice, CA. The building has gigantic black binoculars as tall as the building itself. The binoculars are located out in front of the building’s front door.

Coworking Space
Lee Segal is named the managing general partner of LIMO Properties

President of Segal Commercial Properties and California commercial real estate expert, Lee Segal, is now managing general partner of LIMO Properties, a partnership that owns and operates 5.8 acres of industrial property in El Segundo.

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