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Lee Segal is named the managing general partner of LIMO Properties

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Article featured on The Beach Reporter- November 2014​

President of Segal Commercial Properties and California commercial real estate expert, Lee Segal, is now managing general partner of LIMO Properties, a partnership that owns and operates 5.8 acres of industrial property in El Segundo.

LIMO Properties constructed 120,000 square feet of industrial space from the 1950s to the 1970s on 5.8 acres of what is now the industrial heart of El Segundo.​

Segal, an experienced developer and broker, knows how to be creative and attract growing innovative firms to this area. During his career, he leased all the LIMO properties. The real estate veteran previously served 28 years as senior vice president of the Klabin Company, an industrial and commercial real estate brokerage firm.​

The Los Angeles commercial real estate expert went on to lead acquisitions for Rexford Industrial and then the Watt Companies. Segal owns and manages Segal Commercial Properties where he advises clients in sales, leasing, developing, managing and investing in commercial real estate.​

As managing general partner at LIMO, Segal will manage and market all of LIMO’s industrial properties and advise his investors on the future of real estate matters.


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