Recommended Security Measures

For Commercial Properties (Industrial, shopping centers)

Commercial leasing in a shopping center or an industrial center needs serious security and maintenance measures in order to be successful. A shopping center that has graffiti and bars on the windows is a major distraction for successful leasing. On the other hand, an industrial building that has high fencing and razor wire on top of the chain fencing is a major distraction for leasing and value.

6 Maintenance and Improvements Necessary to Have a Successful Plan for Safety Standards that Should Produce a More Attractive and Safe Property

  1. Review lighting installed on the building and or by pole lighting. First of all, you cannot afford to have lighting fixtures in place with burned-out bulbs. Therefore, the first item that needs to be replaced or installed is LED lighting. LED is much more affordable, and in some cities, you may receive rebates. Also, LED is much more efficient in terms of energy. Make sure your lighting illuminates the building including under canopies. Employees and visitors must feel safe when they visit your building when it is dark. All sides of the building should be illuminated as well as the front of your building. It is recommended to install automatic light switches that turn on and off with sunlight or darkness.
  2. Paving must be examined carefully every 3 months. Cracking of the paving or potholes can result in an injury. Make sure your property manager walks the property on a regular schedule and that they provide immediate barriers if there is any destruction of the paving. Blinking lights on the barrier is especially helpful at night.
  3. Graffiti must be removed as soon as possible. Tagging invites crime, so make sure that paint is available at all times. Painting of the exterior of the premises must be performed every 5-7 years.
  4. Security patrols should be necessary if any one of your tenants maintains their business hours after 6:00 pm (applies to shopping centers). Also, cameras should also be installed at all access points. It is critical to have patrols for convenience stores, bars, all-night drug stores, markets, and restaurants.
  5. Alarms should always be installed in a central station and monitored regularly. If there is a break-in, all parties are notified. It is a good idea to notify the property manager and the tenant when the alarm goes off.
  6. In a busy shopping center, make sure to install stop signs at intersections in order to maintain safety from oncoming traffic.

It should be understood that all recommended items contained in this brief report are just a sample of the basics for proper maintenance and safety.

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