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Lease Interpretations Expert Witness

What does an Expert Witness perform in Lease Interpretations?

The first thing to remember is the Expert is not a lawyer. As a non-lawyer, the expert cannot interpret the provisions of a lease legally. The Expert may interpret the lease only based upon the custom and practice in the commercial real estate industry. Therefore, the Expert must provide sound advice to parties based upon Industry Standards. The second thing to remember is the “Judge” is one in the courtroom who will interpret the lease. The Expert may educate the Judge delicately on custom and practice in the Industry.

Why is it Important to Employ an Expert Witness for Lease Interpretation?

The Expert Witness’s job is to save you time and money fighting a legal battle you may lose or win. Is the expert there for the lawyer to provide him with custom and practice in the industry on the way a lease may be interpreted?

Lee Segal as an Expert Witness for Lease Interpretation

The definition of the words in an industrial or commercial real estate lease are the basis for an agreement between the parties. In some instances, industry standards and best practices could have a bearing on the way the lease is interpreted. Lee Segal’s job as a commercial real estate lease interpretation expert witness is to weigh the words and balance them with the commercial real estate industry standards. Contact Lee Segal for his Expert Witness and Lease Interpretation Services today.

Lee Segal Real Estate Expert Witness

About Lee Segal

Lee Segal is President of Segal Commercial Inc, a full-service commercial real estate firm. He is an Experienced Commercial Real Estate Litigation Expert Witness.

Lee S. Segal is a recognized commercial and industrial real estate industry leader in Los Angeles and northern California.

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