The Secret Weapons of a Commercial Real Estate Expert Witness

Are you a lawyer involved with a complex real estate litigation case? If yes, you’re in the right place.

Let’s presume your adversary in the case is a party in a real estate transaction such as a: broker, agent, individual, partner, or property manager. The adversary files a complaint against your client, but you need to do preliminary research on the matter before you file a countersuit. This is the moment where you pick up the phone and find the best expert witness for your case. Reaching out to an expert at the commencement of the case will expedite the process and display to the opposition that you are prepared for action.

Here are the Secret Weapons needed to find the best Expert Witness:


The expert works closely to provide you what you need for the greatest bang for your buck from the beginning. The expert has knowledge regarding the matter and immediately brings it up. The interrogatories usually are general, but the specifics of the case need to align with what the expert has experience with daily.

Standard of Care

Who better knows what is expected in the standard of care but an expert in the field? As lawyers know, the standard of care does not need to be an “A” level but should be an average level that most experts can easily present.


Don’t be fooled by a hired gun. Only employ an expert that works daily in the practice that fits your case. For example, Lee Segal, President of Segal Commercial Properties, has been in the commercial real estate business for 40+ years. Mr. Segal’s practice specializes in brokerage, property management, development, partner, and investor specifics. He also an abundance of knowledge from being former President of the AIRCRE (Real Estate Association). Mr. Segal’s motto is “do not practice law without a license” practice your skills in the commercial real estate business.

These secret weapons that a serious commercial real estate expert witness should have in its arsenal are mentioned in this summary.

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