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Real Estate Agent Showing Commercial Space to Clients

The Real Estate Agent’s Temptation “Dual Agency”

When I entered the commercial real estate business in 1972, I quickly discovered that you could earn twice as much money by representing both sides of a transaction. When I received a listing in my early years, I remember that I hesitated placing it on the Multiple for a day so I could call all … Read More

Office space with workers having meetings

Creative Office Space “Cool But Could be Very Costly”

As part of my transactional real estate practice, I have become very familiar with creative office space located on the Westside and downtown Los Angeles. The first thing I notice is how different it looks from traditional office space. The creative office area lacks private offices, is dominated by open space, high ceilings, and air … Read More

Warehouse Building Exterior Parking Lot

Less Normal Wear And Tear

These five words can cost you plenty if you are not careful in your lease negotiations. These words are normally contained in the Lessee’s Responsibility paragraph and may be further embellished in the Surrender provision. This simple phrase may create for both parties of a lease serious disputes. The reason for potential disputes is simple. … Read More

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